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SBSO Board of Directors

A Message from the Board President...

It is my privilege on behalf of the Board of Directors of the South Bend Symphony Orchestra to welcome you to this performance.  I am proud to be the latest in a line of Barnes & Thornburg attorneys who have served on the South Bend Symphony Board since it began in 1932.

Your attendance here reinforces the importance of the Symphony as a South Bend cultural institution.  We value the Symphony for all that it represents about South Bend as a community.  A symphony is one of man’s greatest expressions of cooperation.  A symphonic performance is one of the most difficult and beautiful things that a group of people can accomplish together.  Both the creation of symphonic music and its performance are aspirational.  A symphony performance is an exercise in seeking perfection as a united group.

I must also take this opportunity to thank you.  Our Symphony could not survive without support from the community it serves.  While many similar organizations are encountering difficulty, the South Bend Symphony Orchestra is thriving.  Maestro Alastair Willis joined us after an exhaustive search which attracted talent from around the world.  At a time when many arts organizations are simply treading water, the South Bend Symphony has ratified a new agreement with our musicians which provides them well-deserved raises. Our future is bright due to the great support we receive from patrons like you.

We hope you enjoy your time with the South Bend Symphony.  Whether you are seeking inspiration or escape, we appreciate you coming together with us for this performance.  


Tim Maher
SBSO Board President

Board Officers

President - Timothy J. Maher 
Vice-President - John T. Axelberg 
Treasurer - Jennifer Kary, CPA
Secretary - John Seidl, CFA

Board Members

Bruce R. Bancroft *+ 
D.  Scott Brennan
Mayor Pete Buttigieg
Jack Champaigne
Daniel M. Chipman, Ph.D. 
Marvin V. Curtis, Ed.D.
William Cushwa +
Linda Doshi 
Kyle P. Everett *
Shirley Geraghty +
Rachel Goff
Anne Griffith
Melissa Grub
James Harris III, M.D.
Donna P. Lamberti
Tuck Langland
David M. Matthews 
Nancy Menk, D.M.A.
Beth North
Nic Obervich
Aaron Perri
Ernestine M. Raclin * + 
Kitty Rose *
Tim Rudge
Patrick Ruszkowski​
John Seidl
Cari Shein * +
Joyce Stifel + 
Dean Strycker, M.D. +
Matthew Teters, M.D. 
Alastair Willis 
Tsung Yeh 
Agnieszka Rakhmatullaev 

* Past President
+ Director Emeritus



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